Press Release - November 30, 2009

EContent Selects Vantage Linguistics one of the companies that matter most in the digital content industry

eContent 100

Empowering individuals by leveraging advanced linguistic and AI technologies, including breakthrough iSEEK natural language search, Vantage Linguistics helps transform computing with intelligent solutions for intelligent decisions

EWING, N.J., November 30, 2009 -

EContent Magazine has named Vantage Linguistics to its EContent 100 List honoring it one of the companies that matters most in the digital content industry.

It is the first time that Vantage was named to this exclusive list of organizations making a difference in digital content. EContent gives the award to the top 100 companies that lead the digital content industry through market share, but also thought-and-technology leadership, innovation, and experimentation.

"We are proud to be named to such an exclusive list of companies," stated John Burke, Vice President of Vantage Linguistics. "We have been recognized for our innovative technologies, but to have such prestigious industry recognition is very special. We have been working hard to leverage our natural language understanding technologies and empower individuals with the knowledge to act. By dynamically targeting, discovering, and organizing information using natural language processing and AI, users can improve the ability to find information and make intelligent decisions. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg regarding what we can do to assist organizations improve their business. Taking a trillion points of light and finding the single light bulb someone needs is very exciting."

"The EContent 100 list represents the best and the brightest digital content companies as selected by a dozen judges who follow different aspects of our vast and varied industry, from vantage points all over the map--literally and figuratively," said Michelle Manafy, editor-in-chief of EContent Magazine. "We offer this list not just to recognize companies that lead our industry, but to inspire organizations of all kinds to join in the content conversation online. This will be a year in which organizations must put the tools to work-engaging new customers; satisfying and keeping existing ones; maximizing knowledge assets; and delivering content to employees, customers, and information seekers when they need it to get the job done-all to deliver demonstrable value to the bottom line. I look forward to another exciting year collaborating with the EContent team and our readers, and to seeing how the sparks of innovation fire up the content economy."

Vantage Linguistics offers iSEEK and partners with B2B and industry-vertical organizations to improve ROI of their employees, customers, and business partners. CIO Zone™, the first and only ProSocial™ meeting place for CIO's, recently selected iSEEK as their powerful new search engine.

About Vantage Linguistics

Built on more than 30 years of international research, Vantage Linguistics is the world leader in the development of linguistic software solutions to effectively find, process, and communicate information in today's global marketplace. Holding 37 patents in natural language processing and artificial intelligence, Vantage Linguistics provides both pioneering technologies and acquired offerings formerly associated with renowned companies such as INSO, Lernout & Hauspie, Sail Research Labs, and WexTech.

World-class organizations such as Microsoft, Apple, Intuit, IBM, AOL, and Oracle have chosen Vantage Linguistics' components to enhance their products and services, improve internal communications, and reach a global market. In fact, more than 350 million end users are touched by our multilingual proofing and search technology every day. Learn more at

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