Press Release - November 12, 2007

Vantage Linguistics Launches CorrectEnglish to Improve Writing Skills Worldwide

CorrectEnglish™ Offers a New Tool for Any of the 325 Million Basic PC Spelling and Grammar Users to Take Their Writing to the Next Level

Newtown, Pa., November 12, 2007 - The next generation of writing technology has arrived. Bloggers, students, teachers, and business leaders alike can improve their writing skills with Vantage Linguistics' CorrectEnglish™, a new program based on seven years of research and development that analyzes document organization, focus, development and style, and helps writers create clear, effective, error-free prose.

Vantage Linguistics developed this one-of-a-kind writing program by analyzing the user-experience with basic spelling and grammar checking functions, and designing ways to improve how documents, from e-mails to large business documents, are written.

"CorrectEnglish gives writers critical insights that can improve their writing skills, and make them more effective communicators," says Harry Barfoot, VP of Marketing for Vantage. "That's something simple proofing tools, such as spelling and grammar checkers, simply can't do. Using CorrectEnglish, every writer can benefit from the proven technologies we've refined over the past seven years, which have helped thousands of students measurably improve their writing skills at schools nationwide."

CorrectEnglish is a component in Vantage Learning's popular MY Access!® instructional writing program, which is used by English teachers and writing instructors nationwide to assess, grade, and improve students' writing skills. CorrectEnglish takes the technology out of the classroom, and puts it on the desktop of business, academic, and personal writers who use Microsoft Word, Outlook, or other word processors that use DOC or PDF files.

CorrectEnglish uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to evaluate document organization, focus, development, and style-all in real time, as writers type. It then shows writers how well they write, and suggests improvements in many areas, including vocabulary, grammar, and document formatting. Specialized tools to help writers improve their compositions include:
  • TextSpeak recognizes and corrects online shorthand, such as texting, instant messaging, and e-mail acronyms, to ensure proper English use.
  • Advanced Word Choice Help analyzes sentences and identifies vague or overused words, and suggests alternatives that help writers sharpen their compositions.
  • Cross-Lingual Grammar Feedback detects grammatical errors in seven languages, and provides explanations and suggested corrections for documents in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.
  • Document Formatting automates and validates document formatting, making papers more polished, and assuring they adhere to one of four standard publishing styles: American Psychological Association (APA), Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), Council of Biology Editors (CBE), and Modern Language Association (MLA).
  • Virtual Dictionary, Virtual Thesaurus, and Bilingual Dictionary provide definitions on demand, and suggest more effective words.
  • Microsoft® Integration creates a toolbar button for Microsoft Word and Outlook, which makes it possible to launch CorrectEnglish's services with just one click. CorrectEnglish also supports any word processing program that uses Microsoft DOC or Adobe PDF file formats.
  • Customized Academic, Business, and Personal Editions address the unique requirements of different styles of writing. Academic Edition provides editing tools and style resources that help professors, researchers, and students create polished abstracts, essays, papers, and proposals. Business Edition strengthens corporate writing skills with instruction and models for drafting effective e-mails, memos, briefs, and business letters. And Personal Edition helps bloggers, social networkers, and individuals write crisp blog posts, e-mails, letters, resumes, and more.
CorrectEnglish pricing starts at $129 for a single Business subscription, and $79 for a single Academic or Personal subscription. Bulk discounts are available for the Business and Academic editions. Learn more about CorrectEnglish at To learn more about corporate or educational institute discounts, contact 267-756-1598 or

CorrectEnglish will be available for live interactive media and customer demonstrations, as part of the National Council of Teachers of English Conference, Thursday and Friday, Nov. 15 and 16 at the W Hotel in New York City. To schedule a time to visit, or for more information on Correct English, please contact Vantage's Public Relations representative John Zoccola at 267-664-2759 or

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