Press Release - April 10, 2006

Vantage Software Technologies Provides AnswerWorks™ Natural Language Search for WritersUA

Palm Springs, Calif., April 10, 2006 - AnswerWorks™ Lets User Assistance Professionals Quickly and Easily Find Relevant Information on the WritersUA Web Site

Vantage Software Technologies, the leading provider of software solutions based on linguistic technology, is pleased to announce that its AnswerWorks™ natural language search solution has been integrated with the WritersUA Web site. WritersUA's customers can now use AnswerWorks™ to quickly and easily find articles, news, and events related to user assistance.

"WritersUA is excited to power searches on our Web site with AnswerWorks™," says Joe Welinske, President of WritersUA. "We chose AnswerWorks™ because it is user-friendly and produces high quality results. In addition to helping our customers find information faster, AnswerWorks™ demonstrates how user assistance professionals can deploy search technology to improve the experience of software users."

AnswerWorks™ is a multilingual tool which lets users search for information by entering questions in plain text in English and other languages. Based on 15 years of research and development in natural language processing and information retrieval, the product provides more relevant results than traditional search techniques.

AnswerWorks™ can search multiple forms of content including online help, product manuals, technical support knowledge bases, and other enterprise information. The search technology can also be integrated with desktop, server, and Web-based applications, and the user interface can be easily customized to match the look and feel of a client's product.

"We're proud to extend our relationship with WritersUA and the user assistance community," says Peter Murphy, CEO of Vantage Software Technologies. "In today's competitive business environment where software users have tight schedules and are inundated with information, a robust search tool like AnswerWorks™ is a critical part of an effective user assistance strategy. AnswerWorks™ allows users to ask questions in their own words, search multiple sources of content from a single interface, and receive highly relevant results."

Vantage Software Technologies is demonstrating AnswerWorks™ at the 14th Annual WritersUA Conference in Palm Springs, Calif., held April 9-12. The WritersUA Conference includes over 60 sessions that provide comprehensive information on processes and technologies for user assistance professionals.

About Vantage Software Technologies

Vantage Software Technologies is the leading provider of software solutions based on linguistic technology. The company's information retrieval, natural language processing, and document proofing technology has been widely deployed in commercial products and has been used by hundreds of millions of end-users. Microsoft, IBM, Fujitsu, AOL, Oracle, Autodesk, Intuit, and other world class organizations have chosen Vantage Software Technologies to help improve the quality of their products and services.

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